“When you consider what he has done within his district on his own - without
a mandate or title, but armed only with a profound sense of what is right -
then you can see that he is going to be an extremely important member of
the Board”

“I know of no better individual, no more proven leader than Dwayne Jusino
and it is my honor and pleasure to endorse him for Supervisor.”
                           Leland Yee
                                                                                                    June 25, 2006
Organizational Supporters

Small Property Owners Association of S.F.
San Francisco Apartment Association
Chinese American Democratic Club
S.F. Republican Party
*(2nd Ballot)
San Francisco Medical Society
Hubert Yee ~ Amy Chang ~ Orlanda Pedilla
David Li ~ Linda Harte ~ Letra Ellis
Lai Yee Chung ~ Mary Garcia ~ Susan Woo  
Kadidja Sallack ~ Patricia Koka ~ Lisa Francis
Karen Gee ~ Matthew Kohl ~ Glenda Romero
~ Ruth Wallace ~ Floyd Solders ~ Bill Carlin
Mark Matthew ~ Diane Peter ~ Lisa Duncan  
~ Kisi Koka ~ Albert Yee ~ Denise Rivera
Isabel Donovan ~ Al Harris ~ Kitty Coutts
Qiao Ying Huang ~ Kenneth Yee ~ Mel Fisher
Peter Perez ~ Ramona Ibarra ~ Scott Benlevi
Thomas Longland ~ Mary Byrne ~ Rose Lau ~
Kathy Baker ~ Stephen Wizowski ~ Lenna Lin
Joyce Gieseke ~ Dan Barazoto ~ Bruce Oka
Margie Gauthier ~Nattie Gomes ~ Irene Curiel
Roschell Chestra ~ Leona Gonsalves ~
Daniel Dear ~ Shontel Lopez ~ Doris Woo ~
Miranda Gonsalves ~ Sean Pouyamehr
Theresa Nichleson ~John Donovan ~Mark Lem
~ Walter Hess Jr.~ Annaliese Furnas  ~
Kathy Wizowski ~ Natalie Gee
~ Esperanza Martinez ~ John Moroney ~
Mei Lin Huang ~ Jose Maya ~ Norma Soria
~ Rudy Domingo ~ Gloria Carter ~ Kim Liang
Marjorie Harkens ~ Shirley Hayes-Barazoto
Roxanna Hershey ~ Siosifa Cocker ~ Lupe Koka
Matangi Atoa ~ Pam Petronis ~ Peni Koka
Edward Barazoto ~ Christine Ford ~Mabel Huang
Melcor Maya ~ Jian Ye Huang ~ Davuth Ouch
Veronica Martinez ~ Socorro Maya ~Ka Lai Ma
Chi Pui Chung ~ Maria David ~ Alisa Brown

San Francisco Post
May 17-23, 2006
~ Safe Neighborhoods
~ Quality Schools
~ Community
~ Local Businesses
Taking Action,
    Getting Results
JUSINO for SUPERVISOR, District 10

The Independent
November 25, 2003

The Examiner
October 22, 2005
"The residents of the Southeast            
sector thirst for real leadership,          
 and that means a public official
who spends less time trying to keep
the job and more time doing the

            ---Dwayne Jusino
"We have profound issues in our
district...we want real
solutions...we don't have time
for political posturing. We need
public officials who will take
care of business."

         ---Dwayne Jusino
Dorothy Peterson
Residents Assn.
Howard Woo
fr. President
Hoy Ping
James Morrison
Executive Board
District 10
Domingo Jarquin
College Bound Program
E.R. Taylor Elementary
Barbara Bushnell
Hunters Point Shipyard
Advisory Board
Hazel Lee
Executive Board
Community Alliance of
Portola-Silver Terrace
Maria Gonzalez
Mexican American
Political Assn.
(Greater Bay Area)
Marlene Tran
Visitacion Valley
Asian Alliance
Roger Gordon
fr. Executive Director
Urban Solutions
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Honorable Leland Yee
Speaker Pro Tempore
California State Assembly
"... he sounds more like a political firebrand. And not one without
credibility, has the endorsement of
Assemblyman Leland Yee.

... Jusino's repeated message is that action, not words, solves
problems ... Jusino sees crime / safety, low-income housing and
business revitalization as the most pressing issues facing District
10 ...

... Jusino believes that he is the strong, unyielding advocate that
District 10 needs. He is connected to the area in ways which make
it hard to doubt his conviction.
Full Article
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Mary Harris
District 11Council
Campaign Speech
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In addition to our gratitude, you have our deep admiration
for your talent and professionalism. Your integrity and
diligence were apparent to all ...
Pat Christensen
S.F. Small Business Network
Jose Alvarez
Executive Board
Community Alliance of
Portola-Silver Terrace
Lynn Brown
Vice President
California for
Renewable Energy
Jim Rodriguez
Community Advocate
Gilbert Cho
Public School Principal
Francisco DaCosta
Executive Director
Environmental Justice
Christoper Bowmen
Vice Chair
Political Affairs, SFRP
Robert Chan
Executive Director
Solutions, LLC