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It is unconscionable that it has taken her bid for
re-election to awaken District 10 Supervisor,
Sophie Maxwell from her slumber. The reality is
that, for the past 5 years of her term in office, the
Southeast communities - particularly Bayview
and Visitacion
Valley - have been under siege from violence,
while Maxwell has done nothing.

Now, on the heels of another violent killing,
Maxwell's political posturing not only rings
hollow and opportunistic, but is offensive to the
victims of this tragedy.

At this late date, rather than being divisive and
pointing the finger of responsibility elsewhere,
Maxwell should take a cue from Mayor
Newsom's "City Safe" initiative, and work to bring
our community organizations and our Police
together in order to fight crime at its root causes.

The residents of the Southeast thirst for real
leadership, and that means a public official who
spends less time trying to keep her job and
more time doing her job.
October 20, 2005
Maxwell's Alibi Grandstanding
Dwayne Jusino
District 10 Council

...  "We have profound issues in our
district," Jusino explained. "We are a
working-class people with entre-
preneurial spirit, and we want real
solutions to real problems ... We're
struggling. We don't have time for
political posturing. We need public
officials who will watch our backs and
take care of business."
The Independent
November 25, 2003

When will the race-bating in San
Francisco city politics end?...

... more binds us as a community by way
of shared concerns and challenges than
divides us by mere virtue of skin
pigment or cultural difference.

Clearly we are all better served when we
select leaders we know will look after
us, rather than when we focus upon
those who merely look like us.
The Examiner
April 28, 2004
Dwayne Jusino
Community Alliance of
Portola-Silver Terrace

Whether viewed as a mere joke or a display of
vulgarity, the police skit video was undoubtedly an
utter failure in judgment. Though not just because
unprofessional conduct by some sullied the image
of an entire department, but because this incident
led to two dozen officers being removed from
service in protection of the violence plagued
southeast communities, who need them most.

Investigation into departmental policy violations
should be conducted fairly, but also swiftly, so that
officers not culpable can be returned to duty without

Those of us committed to community-policing take
solace that it was police commanders, and a POA
official, who acted in a timely and forthright manner
to bring this matter to inquiry. For the sake of
southeast residents, let us end the scapegoating
and return to the crucial goal of forging a
relationship based upon understanding and trust.
December 13, 2005
End videogate scapegoating and rebuild trust
Dwayne Jusino
District 10 Council

...  "They're residents, and we're residents.
We just happen to have homes," Jusino
said..."What started out as a tolerant
environment now has become a place where
it's an accepted right to conduct yourself at
will," Jusino said.

... Gavin Newsom, the Board of Supervisors
member who pushed the "Care, Not Cash"
initiative, hopes to break that pattern..."I think
San Francisco is about to change.
Baltimore Sun
May 27, 2003
S F split on dealing with Homeless
Chinese Times
Arguing at Hearing
on behalf of community

... Dwayne Jusino, a leader of the Portola district's
attempt to reunify itself as a neighborly and voting

"The balance that the task force was brought about
to realize seems to be eroding into a peculiar play of
politics," he said.

He said that the chairwoman and other members of
the task force who were sworn to be objective had
turned into "advocates"... on the issue of local
The Examiner
April 10, 2002
Sing Tao Daily
Organized Crime / Safety
Awareness Forum
Southeast Mayoral Forum
putting spotlight on District 10
Sing Tao Daily
Leading Hate-Crime
Protest March
Promoting Local
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