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JUSINO for SUPERVISOR, District 10
Taking Action,
  Getting Results
Opposed  the politicizing of the Police Commission

Actively supported Mayor's "City Safe" community policing initiative
to curb crime and violence

Counseled SFPD Police Chief regarding selection of Bayview
station's new commander

Led Police Brass on Merchant Relations Walk-thru tours

Successfully advocated for Bilingual Foot-Beat patrol officers

Organized community Crime-Safety awareness forums
- Sing Tao Daily 11/22/02
- Chinese Times 09/24/04

Led community protest against Hate-Crime violence
- Sing Tao Daily 10/26/02
Led successful Opposition Protest against community
(Cingular) Environmental Health Hazard
      - Sing Tao Daily 01/03/05
      - Chinese Times 01/03/05

Presented successful legal argument at Board of Supervisors
appeal hearing on behalf of Portola community, resulting in
unprecedented 10-0 vote victory.
      - Sing Tao Daily 01/05/05
      - Chinese Times 01/05/05
      - World Journal 01/05/05
      - Ming Pao Daily 01/05/05
Maxwell flip-flops, the day before a crucial California
PUC vote on the Jefferson-Martin electrical
transmission project plan. Maxwell voices support for
an alternative plan that could have delayed closing
the Hunters Point Power Plant for years.
- The Examiner 08/18/04

"Maxwell claims siting more power plants here is a ...  
good energy policy. But the fact is, no other
neighborhood is being considered ... children and
seniors are especially vulnerable."
- SF 2003

"... Maxwell as the front for a potential end-run around
intense environmental scrutiny ..."
- SF Bulldog #179
Maxwell voted against legislation to protect children
from being victim to high-risk Sex Offenders
- The Examiner 04/28/04

Maxwell supported inappropriate proposal to divert $5
million (2004 Prop H) funds, intended by voters for
educational extras (sports, arts, libraries and music),
to be misused for district operating expenses.
- The Examiner 01/17/06

Maxwell reveals that she is out of touch with school
said "No one has spoken to me ..."
- The Examiner 12/23/05
Organized Child Safety & Health forum to protect against Sexual
   - Sing Tao Daily 09/16/05
                                - Chinese Times 09/16/05

Advocated reallocating resources to develop Quality Schools for
the Southeast communities

Organized Education Awareness forums, advocating on behalf
of  "
College Bound", "Aim High" and "Scholar-share" Education

Community representative at national "
Children, Youth &
Families At-Risk
" (CYFAR) convention

Advocated successfully for retention of Police (SRO) Security
Programs for local schools

Facilitated remedy of Traffic Safety Hazard on behalf of E.R.
Taylor Elementary school

Supported renovation project to transform the Burton High
school track and field into state-of-the-art, multi-purpose athletic
facility, serving the entire Southeast area
"Sophie Maxwell ... of all the members of the
Board over the last 5 years,
she's been the
biggest disappointment ..."
- San Francisco Sentinel 12/10/05

"... constituents ... from Bayview and Potrero Hill,
charge that Maxwell has ignored residents and they
want her out ..."  
     - sfweekly 10/22/03

"... dissatisfied with Sophie Maxwell ...grievance
accuses Maxwell of failing to address environmental
concerns and killings in the area ..."
- San Francisco Chronicle 05/05/04

"... I have no idea what Maxwell was thinking ... her
refusal ... hurt her reputation among her colleagues
and the public ..."
    - The Sentinel 01/11/03

"... of Maxwell's cross ... that's not the kind of thing we
need going on around here ..."  
- San Francisco Chronicle 01/12/03

"... machine candidate Sophie Maxwell, would have
been, at best, mediocre ..."
- San Francisco Chronicle 01/11/03

"And where in the hell is Sophie? ... Is that part of her
job description, caring about the community?"
- The Bayview 02/15/06

"... Sophie represents the poorest district ... primary
concerns revolve around job creation and ending of
violence ... for wasting her constituents' time ... Sophie
Maxwell is Jackass of the Week."
- Forces International 11/22/02
Jusino organized and led the District 10 Council,
first district-wide community / business associations

Organized district-wide collaboration for 2003 Southeast Mayoral
Candidates Forum, successfully placing city spotlight upon
District 10 issues and concerns
  - The Examiner 10/07/03

Led community effort to re-open US-101 Freeway on-ramp for
Muni access, improving commute times for District 10 residents
traveling to downtown destinations

Represented District 10 in the development of the Mayor's "311
Call System", to improve customer service  and accountability to
city residents

Led Portola community's mobilization during 2002 Electoral
Redistricting process   
 - The Examiner 04/10/02

Organized and led Portola's successful neighborhood
improvement / advocacy association, garnering City and State

Led Portola's successful campaign to obtain official recognition
of the community's identity by City government departments
Voted for anti-Formula Retail Business legislation,
ignoring concerns of local Small Business leaders

Supported anti-Small Business tax hikes (2004 Prop K)

Voted against revenue generating "Water Front
development project, costing City $30 million a year

Voted for measures doubling Business and Parking

Supported the oppressive (Ammiano) health insurance
proposal that would have saddled small businesses
with a minimum $82,800 burden each year.
- San Francisco Sentinel 11/23/05

Provided only minimal support for Home Depot project
Opposed anti-Formula Retail Business legislation

Opposed anti-Small Business tax hikes (2004 Prop K)

Supported Mayor Brown's comprehensive Economic
Development Planning (2002 Prop M)

Delegate to S. F. Council of District Merchant Associations

Participant in drafting Small Business Network (2006) proposal
to Mayor Newsom seeking regulatory fairness and city pro-active
support for locally owned businesses.

Actively engaged in Neighborhood Business Corridor
Revitalization projects    
   - World Journal 09/23/03
                                              - Sing Tao Daily 09/23/03

Actively engaged in Small Business Recruitment / Retention

Actively campaigned for Home Depot project for Bayshore Blvd
    - San Francisco Chronicle 10/24/05
Complicit in politicizing Police Commission and
diffused its accountability

Mocked Mayor's "City Safe" community policing initiative
as "Community Disconnect"
- San Francisco Sentinel 12/04/05

Proposed forming a powerless Police Advisory Panel,
in order to deflect community criticism
- The Examiner 05/03/04
- Happs Magazine 2004

Tepidly responds to killings by calling for "long Meeting"
- The Bayview 05/19/04

Upon announcing reelection bid, opportunistically
grandstands against violence, after 5 years of inaction
- The Examiner 10/22/05