DJ @ D-10 Council

Photo Album
JUSINO for SUPERVISOR, District 10
Taking Action,
  Getting Results
Chinese 6 Companies Education Forum
flanked by
Assemby Speaker Pro Temp, Leland Yee;
President Board of Supervisors, Matt Gonzalez
Board of Education Member, Ed Chin
Speaking at scene of
Burton High school shooting
Arguing at Hearing
on behalf of community
Community Clean-up
Education Forum
Press Conference
Presiding over
District 10 Council
Speaking at PTSA
Introducing the future
Mayor to Portola
Advocating for
community revitalization
Leading Cell Tower Protest
Leading Hate-Crime
Protest March
Revitalization Dedication
Meeting with Mayor Brown on
Neighborhood Revitalization
Leading SFPD brass on
Merchant Walk
Conferring at  
311 Call System
development meeting
Supporting the dedication
of the new
Jerry Garcia Amphitheater
Master of Ceremony at 2003
Southeast Mayoral Forum
Reaching out to the
Faith based community
Reviewing plans for the
new Portola Library
Discussing community concerns
with District 10 residents